Click here to visit the Berkshire Chess Association TBA Trophy: Eton College B vs Sandhurst D

Date: 17-03-2010, Division: Three, Trophy: TBA Trophy
Grading limit: <171, (standardplay), Colours: pre-determined
Rounds: 1
, Handicap: No
Adjournment possible: No
, Adjudication possible: No
Board Home player Result Away player Grading
difference (Δ)
one Edward Pearce-Crump es90 Edward Pearce-Crump had the black pieces0-1 Timothy J Chapman s135X  Timothy J Chapman s135X had the white pieces-45
two Anthony Beaumont s96D Anthony Beaumont had the white pieces0-1 Dino Lymbouris  Dino Lymbouris – had the black pieces
three Michael Leung Michael Leung had the black pieces0-1 Jonathan G Young s138B  Jonathan G Young s138B had the white pieces
four Tony Yu es50 Tony Yu had the white pieces0-1 Rajeshkumar M Vaidya es80  Rajeshkumar M Vaidya es80 had the black pieces-30
five Calum You es60 Calum You had the black pieces0-1 Smit Vaidya es60  Smit Vaidya es60 had the white pieces
six Owan Haughey es50 Owan Haughey had the white pieces1-0 Satya Vaidya es50  Satya Vaidya es50 had the black pieces
Mean grading Home team: 69.2   Away team: 92.6 Δ = -23.4
Notes Board 1 for Eton was Edward Pearce-Crump Board 2 for Eton was Omen Haughy
match result: 1 — 5
Submitted by: Jonathan Young at: 00:14:48 on: 20-03-2010
Confirmed by: Justin Moston at: 11:58:22 on: 21-03-2010
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