Player information: Roger D de Coverly (2019 - 2020 season)

Listed below are details for Roger D de Coverly who has played in nine matches during the 2019 - 2020 season:

Personal information
Club Bourne End
  •  Roger D de Coverly  Roger D de Coverly
    Roger D de Coverly, Bourne End
Nominated Team A
ECF rating code 109494E
ECF membership code ME013678
ECF membership expires August
ECF membership category Gold
Standard-play rating 2046, A
Rapid-play rating 2073, *
National Federation en.png
FIDE rating code 405213
BCA first registered 01-09-2006
BCA registration status Yes
All season(s) summary
season match(es)
2021-22 season 3 matches
2019-20 season 9 matches
2018-19 season 7 matches
2017-18 season 10 matches
2016-17 season 11 matches
2015-16 season 11 matches
2014-15 season 10 matches
2013-14 season 13 matches
2012-13 season 12 matches
2011-12 season 12 matches
2010-11 season 11 matches
2009-10 season 11 matches
2008-9 season 11 matches
2007-8 season 10 matches
2006-7 season 11 matches
2019 - 2020 season performance statistics
Date Match Division Type SP/RP Opponent Board Result
25-09-2019 Bourne End A vs Maidenhead A Division One OTB SP John D Wager s2058C two draw
23-10-2019 Basingstoke A vs Bourne End A Division One OTB SP James I Chilton s1893C three win
30-10-2019 Bourne End PPCA vs Bracknell PPCA Premier Precision Cup OTB SP Geoffrey Foxon s1510D three win
22-01-2020 Bourne End A vs Crowthorne A Division One OTB SP Ken Coates s2041C two win
04-02-2020 Camberley A vs Bourne End A Division One OTB SP Neil A Bridge s2133D three draw
12-02-2020 Bourne End A vs Reading A Division One OTB SP Remi Tailleux s2065C three draw
27-02-2020 Bourne End PPCA vs Crowthorne PPCA Premier Precision Cup OTB SP Harvey Duckers s2080C two win
05-03-2020 Reading B vs Bourne End A Division One OTB SP Andrew Walden es2238E two loss
11-03-2020 Bourne End A vs Sandhurst A Division One OTB SP GM Nick Pert s2598A one loss
Performance summary for 2019 - 2020 season
Number of standard-play games: 9
Standard-play performance:  +4  =3  -2  = 61.1%  (with all games completed)