Player information: Sarah N Hegarty (2017 - 2018 season)

Listed below are details for Sarah N Hegarty who has yet to play in a match during the 2017 - 18 season:

Personal information
Club Sandhurst
  •  Sarah N Hegarty  Sarah N Hegarty
    Sarah N Hegarty, Sandhurst
ECF grading code 185204J
ECF membership code G03108
ECF membership expires 31-08-2019
ECF membership category Gold
Standard-play grading 199, B (29)
Rapid-play grading 188, D (11)
National Federation en.png
FIDE rating code 2501465
BCA first registered 12-09-2010
BCA registration status No
2011-12 season 1 match
2010-11 season 7 matches