Player information: Justin Moston (2015 - 2016 season)

Listed below are details for Justin Moston who has played in nine matches during the 2015 - 2016 season:

Personal information
Club Eton College
Nominated Team A
ECF grading code 227431A
ECF membership code
Standard-play grading 150, D (10)
Rapid-play grading Not yet available
National Federation en.png
BCA first registered 01-09-2006
BCA registration status Yes
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season match(es)
2018-19 season 7 matches
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2015-16 season 9 matches
2014-15 season 11 matches
2013-14 season 10 matches
2012-13 season 8 matches
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2015 - 2016 season performance statistics
Date Match Division / Competition TC Category Opponent Board Result
20-10-2015 Eton College B vs Crowthorne B division Three standard-play John D Lloyd s161B two loss
04-11-2015 Basingstoke A vs Eton College A division One standard-play Frank A Bonsey s109B four win
19-11-2015 Eton College A vs Newbury A division One standard-play Roly Piggott s150A five win
24-11-2015 Camberley B vs Eton College B division Three standard-play Steve Harley s146B one loss
20-01-2016 Crowthorne A vs Eton College A division One standard-play David Herring s161B five draw
04-02-2016 Eton College A vs Bourne End A division One standard-play RM Peter JE Ackley s186A three draw
25-02-2016 Eton College A vs Maidenhead A division One standard-play John D Wager s184B two loss
10-03-2016 Reading A vs Eton College A division One standard-play Stuart W Knox s173A three draw
19-05-2016 Sandhurst A vs Eton College A division One standard-play Alec J Aslett s175C three win
Performance summary for 2015 - 2016 season
Number of standard-play games: 9
Standard-play performance:  +3  =3  -3  = 50%  (with all games completed)
BCA Standard-play grading performance:  = 160.7