Past Eton College C team League players

The following 116 BCA players for Eton College have played in the current or past seasons and are eligible for selection for the Eton College C team in the :

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PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)GradingsGames during season
Gaurav AgarwalEton Colleges?r?
Cees ArmstrongrEton Colleges?r?
Coen ArmstrongEton Colleges?r?
Anthony AtiomorEton Colleges?r?
Jamie BowdenrEton Colleges?r?
Frederick BridgwoodEton Colleges?r?
William ByunrEton Colleges?r?
Arthur ChanrEton Colleges?r?
Jacob ChidawayaEton Colleges?r?
Warwick ChipmanrEton Colleges?r?
James ConnollyrEton Colleges?r?
Gustav ConradierEton Colleges?r59, F
Thomas DalerEton Colleges?r?
Maxwell DelorenzorEton Colleges?r?
David DiaconurEton Colleges?r?
Maximilian GhoserEton Colleges?r?
Oliver Gordon-BrownrEton Colleges?r?
Alexander GouwsrEton Colleges?r?
Timon GreavesEton Colleges?r?
Thomas GrovesEton Colleges?r?
Hariz HadzhalierEton Colleges?r?
Rehan HafeezrEton Colleges?r?
Harvey KlyneEton Colleges?r?
Leo KoutsabeloulisrEton Colleges?r56, F
Freddie LawrEton Colleges?r?
Chen LuEton Colleges?r?
Billy MannersrEton Colleges?r?
Tyrus MarchantrEton Colleges?r?
Zachary MarinovrEton Colleges?r?
Ikechi MererEton Colleges?r?
Hasit NandarEton Colleges?r?
Chinazo OkwuegbunarEton Colleges?r?
Edward ParkrEton Colleges?r?
Leo Perceval-HicksrEton Colleges?r?
Pablo PigorinirEton Colleges?r?
Victor PothinEton Colleges?r?
Ramsay PyperEton Colleges?r?
Kit RopnerrEton Colleges?r?
Ali SoufrakirEton Colleges?r?
Tobias WG StablesEton Colleges?r?
Alex Stephenson Garcia-InesrEton Colleges?r?
Christopher ThornrEton Colleges?r?
Arthur TollitrEton Colleges?r?
Tristan VeaseyrEton Colleges?r?
Francesco VolpinrEton Colleges?r?
Alex WeirEton Colleges?r54, F