Registered Camberley PPCA team League players

The following 34 BCA players for Camberley are eligible for selection for the 2016 - 2017 season:

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PlayerRegisteredClub and (nominated) team (if any)Gradings
Roger FT Abayasekerar01-09-2006Camberleys?r?
Neil Binneyr11-11-2009Camberleys41, Dr40, F
Gordon G Birchr01-09-2006Camberleys114, Br100, E
Christine Coatesr01-09-2006Crowthornes96, Cr98, C
Ben Collyerr18-01-2017Camberleys?r?
Haydan Daviesr23-09-2016Camberleys?r?
Ian Duvallr01-09-2006Camberleys?r?
Alan Hemmingsr09-10-2009Camberleys128, Cr122, E
Charlotte Hemmingsr05-10-2010Crowthornes?r?
David Hemmingsr09-10-2009Camberleys111, Ar109, D
Louise Hemmingsr23-01-2015Camberleys?r?
Roger D Huxtabler01-09-2006Camberleys87, Dr?
Ivor H Kellyr01-09-2006Camberleys127, Br?
Sandy A McCubbinr01-09-2006Camberleys95, Dr116, E
William McVeaghr02-02-2011Camberleys?r?
David Stallanr01-09-2006Crowthornes95, Er?
Connor Sturger17-10-2012Camberleys?r?
Kevin Sturger18-09-2012Camberleys?r?
David Thomasr01-09-2006Camberleys119, Cr92, F
John E Uphamr01-09-2006Camberleys?r?
Seshagiri Vaddadir07-05-2014Camberleys160, Fr?
Robert Woodingr01-09-2006Camberleys118, Br?
Richard Zhur23-09-2010Camberleys185, Br181, C