Registered Reading A team League players

The following 50 BCA players for Reading are eligible for selection for the 2017 - 2018 season:

PlayerRegisteredClub and (nominated) team (if any)Gradings
Christopher J Archer-Lockr23-09-2009Reading Bs180, Er177, D
Helen Archer-Lockr01-02-2013Readings125, Er125, D
Victor J Ballardr01-09-2006Readings86, Ar?
Alexander Breenr13-10-2017Readings?r78, C
Roy A Brownr01-09-2006Readings121, Ar?
Thomas Brownr16-09-2013Readings197, Cr?
Pavlos Chrysidisr27-09-2013Reading Bs159, Er142, D
Brian Clevesr01-09-2006Readings97, Fr?
David A Crayfordr01-10-2010Readings?r?
James Darbishirer12-02-2018Readings?r?
David V Deaner01-09-2006Reading Cs155, Cr?
Paul Dollimorer29-09-2017Readinges80r?
Ilan Dwekr10-10-2013Readings140, Ar?
Robert G Endresr22-09-2013Readings86, Dr?
Matthew Peter Georger17-01-2018Readings179, Dr181, C
Stanislaw Gibzinskir07-10-2015Readings100, Dr?
Mykhailo Gryvar26-03-2018Readings65, Fr74, D
Rob Henleyr26-01-2017Readings142, Dr?
Joshua Hollandr15-09-2015Readings114, Er?
Stein Ingolfsrudr01-09-2006Reading Cs148, Er?
Nikos Kallitsisr06-02-2015Reading As190, Cr?
Timothy Charles Kenyonr16-09-2014Readings87, Fr?
Harry Khoor26-01-2017Readings?r?
Orton Khoor26-05-2015Readings113, Br132, F
Stuart W Knoxr01-09-2006Reading Cs167, Ar?
Witold Koreywor16-09-2009Readings114, Ar?
Maurice E Lawsonr01-09-2006Reading As180, Ar168, D
David C Maddockr01-09-2006Readings117, Cr?
CM Rajat Makkarr11-09-2017Reading Cs190, Dr174, F
Mark McLeodr20-09-2011Readings101, Cr107, A
Alastair Mitchell-Bakerr01-09-2006Reading Bs180, Er?
Mihad Mohamedr03-10-2016Readings98, Er?
Shaan Mohanr04-10-2016Readings137, Dr148, D
James Moodyr26-02-2013Readings132, Cr141, C
Paul Moodyr02-12-2013Readings?r?
Michael JR Pager15-09-2015Readings127, Cr?
Geoff C Rasellr01-09-2006Readings145, Cr?
Michael F Redmondr01-09-2006Reading Cs145, Ar?
John Richardsonr24-03-2018Readings?r?
Thomas Rogersr03-12-2017Readings?r?
R John Roperr01-09-2006Reading Bs179, Dr?
Zachary Salvinir01-09-2006Reading As156, Dr?
Ivan Sayerr01-09-2006Readings76, Br87, F
FM Clement Sreevesr02-10-2016Reading As228, Cr?
James N Staytr01-09-2006Reading As166, Br?
Gabriel Tailleuxr11-11-2017Readinges50r43, F
Remi Tailleuxr07-10-2017Reading Cs183, Fr189, E
Shawn P Tavaresr25-09-2009Reading As209, Cr?
Gabriel Wolfr15-09-2015Reading Bs157, Cr?
Adam C Woodruffr05-11-2008Reading Bs156, Cr?