Active Bourne End League players

The following BCA players for Bourne End have played in at least one match during the 2017 - 18 season:

52.5 in fees are due to the ECF for Bourne End non-ECF members playing graded games

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Games during season
Roger D de CoverlyrBourne End A101111101312121111111011
Manfred J EgbyrBourne End A241121277684
Kevin F HawkinsrBourne End1516151113128514101114
Stephen B JamesrBourne End A99119111010311878
David Langfordr Bourne End26151666568979
Juan A PerezrBourne End1112711
Arthur Reedr Bourne End1
John RichardsonrBourne End7
Andrew Philip SmithrBourne End A97791281110610105
David J TurnerrBourne End911779129107101015
Mark Valentiner Bourne End A21127.55108
Monica S Vannr Bourne End841041212124
Philip WainrBourne End751121211
Darrell WatsonrBourne End A109159101210121010