Junior Eton College League players

The following 31 BCA players for Eton College are ECF defined juniors and have played in the current or past seasons:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Gradings
Anthony Atiomor, aged: 14Eton Colleges?r?
Will jnr Atiomor, aged: 16Eton Colleges117, Er?
Calum Bakerr, aged: 15Eton Colleges117, Er?
Roland Bourner, aged: 13Eton Colleges?r?
Jamie Bowdenr, aged: 16Eton Colleges?r?
William Byunr, aged: 17Eton Colleges?r?
Arthur Chanr, aged: 16Eton Colleges?r?
James Connollyr, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r?
Gustav Conradier, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r59, F
Tom Daler, aged: 16Eton Colleges?r?
David Diaconur, aged: 16Eton Colleges?r?
Luke W Eadier, aged: 14Eton Colleges131, Cr111, E
Daniel Filatovr, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r?
Xavier Gordon-Brownr, aged: 17Eton Colleges123, Dr?
Alexander Gouwsr, aged: 17Eton Colleges?r?
Jonathan Honnorr, aged: 16Eton Colleges?r?
Humphrey Huir, aged: 17Eton Colleges115, Dr132, E
Elliot G Klyner, aged: 17Eton Colleges137, Fr125, E
Leo Koutsabeloulisr, aged: 14Eton Colleges?r56, F
Freddie Lawr, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r?
Rory Lawr, aged: 17Eton Colleges43, Er71, E
Harvey Linr, aged: 14Eton Colleges116, Fr?
Ikechi Merer, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r?
Charles E Nicholsonr, aged: 14Eton Colleges94, Er100, F
Ali Soufrakir, aged: 16Eton Colleges?r?
Alex Stephenson Stephenson Garcia-Inesr, aged: 16Eton Colleges?r?
Edward TW Stevensonr, aged: 16Eton College As154, Dr150, E
Tristan Veaseyr, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r?
Francesco Volpinr, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r?
Alex Weir, aged: 17Eton Colleges?r54, F
James Xur, aged: 16Eton College As149, Cr153, E