Adult Bracknell League players

The following 19 BCA players for Bracknell are ECF defined adults and have played in the current or past seasons:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Gradings
Vic DesmorerBracknells?r?
Alex ElliottrBracknells?r?
Geoffrey A FoxonrBracknells114, Br?
Nick GoldrBracknells?r?
Kevin HalmkanrBracknells128, Dr?
David LilwallrBracknells87, Cr?
Jon D LloydrBracknells156, Ar?
Luke WT McMathrBracknells?r?
Brian G MillisrBracknells142, Cr?
Nick JA PellingrBracknells150, Er?
David L RobertsrBracknells?r?
Ian SearlerBracknells109, Cr122, F
Simon C SellickrBracknells129, Ar110, F
Pavel TrincarBracknells130, Er?
W Gareth WardrBracknells108, Cr109, D
Alex WhelanrBracknells?r?
David G WiederrBracknells69, Er?
Mark D WiederrBracknells141, Dr?
Robert WinsorrBracknells46, Fr?