Registered Camberley League players

The following 26 BCA players for Camberley are eligible for selection for the 2017 - 2018 season:

PlayerRegisteredClub and (nominated) team (if any)Gradings
Oliver Baileyr04-01-2018Camberleyes80er80
Alfredo Barquinr08-09-2017Camberleys131, Fr?
Neil Binneyr11-11-2009Camberleys43, Dr?
Gordon G Birchr01-09-2006Camberleys122, Br102, E
Neil A Bridger11-11-2009Camberley As192, Cr?
Christine Coatesr01-09-2006Crowthornes92, Cr92, D
Timothy Davisr10-04-2011Camberley As166, Ar169, B
Alain S Dekkerr19-11-2011Camberleys144, Fr?
Steve Harleyr01-09-2006Camberleys138, Cr?
Alan Hemmingsr09-10-2009Camberleys127, Cr122, F
David Hemmingsr09-10-2009Camberleys108, Br113, E
Ivor H Kellyr01-09-2006Camberleys118, Ar?
Colin J Lyner01-09-2006Camberleys151, Br?
IM Andrew D Martinr01-09-2006Camberleys222, Er?
Sandy A McCubbinr01-09-2006Camberleys99, Cr114, F
Ben Ogunsholar20-12-2017Camberleys201, Ar?
Ian W Sharper01-09-2006Camberley As197, Cr?
Julien M Shepleyr01-09-2006Camberley As183, Ar180, A
Hamish Sloanr01-09-2006Camberleys122, Ar?
Paul Sloaner01-09-2006Camberley As182, Cr?
Peter K Tartr01-09-2006Camberleys172, Ar160, F
David Thomasr01-09-2006Camberleys118, Br?
John E Uphamr01-09-2006Camberleys134, Er?
Martin J Wallmanr01-09-2006Camberleys152, Cr?
Matthew J Wardr09-12-2008Camberley As153, Fr?
Robert Woodingr01-09-2006Camberleys122, Br?