Junior Crowthorne League players

The following 27 BCA players for Crowthorne are ECF defined juniors and have played in the current or past seasons:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Gradings
R Dhruva Bhagwatr, aged: 11Crowthornes?r?
J Henry Blackhamr, aged: 12Crowthornes?r?
Samuel Brooker, aged: 10Crowthornes?r34, D
Tanvi Gatner, aged: 8Crowthornes?r75, A
George Godfreyr, aged: 10Crowthornes42, Fr88, A
Mia Harrisr, aged: 11Crowthornes106, Br105, B
Andrew Kirbyr, aged: 10Crowthornes128, Ar143, A
Harry Legger, aged: 11Crowthornes?r?
James Lover, aged: 11Crowthornes100, Ar114, A
Saatvika Maheshr, aged: 13Crowthornes?r?
Yuvam Mittalr, aged: 11Crowthornes?r98, E
James Newr, aged: 8Crowthornes?r57, F
Rajan Preecer, aged: 12Crowthornes?r?
Rohan Preecer, aged: 8Crowthornes?r?
Csilla Rajeev-Lazarr, aged: 7Crowthornes?r26, A
Seyon Rajeev-Lazarr, aged: 9Crowthornes62, Dr81, A
Shree Raor, aged: 9Crowthornes43, Er58, A
Veer RG Sanjeevr, aged: 8Crowthornes?r64, A
Daniel Shekr, aged: 8Crowthornes98, Dr103, A
Yashasvini Sreeramr, aged: 7Crowthornes52, Fr76, A
Vedh Vinayakr, aged: 9Crowthornes112, Ar120, A
Tiffany Wangunyur, aged: 11Crowthornes?r8, E
Ryan CY Wongr, aged: 17Crowthornes151, Er?
Joshua Jack Yatesr, aged: 11Crowthornes?r?
Anthony Y Zhangr, aged: 15Crowthornes219, Br?
Harvey Y Zhangr, aged: 12Crowthornes158, Cr?
Richard Zhur, aged: 17Crowthorne As191, Br183, C