Adult Maidenhead League players

The following 42 BCA players for Maidenhead are ECF defined adults and have played in the current or past seasons:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Gradings
Fred J ArcherrMaidenheads109, Dr?
Adrian Archer-LockrMaidenheads?r?
Philip A Archer-LockrMaidenheads?r?
Kevin BryantrMaidenheads80, Er?
Charles ES BullockrMaidenhead As169, Cr?
William CastanedarMaidenhead As131, Cr?
John CobboldrMaidenheads103, Dr?
FM Paul S CookseyrMaidenhead Bs224, Br?
Nigel W DennisrMaidenhead As147, Ar?
FM Neil F DickensonrMaidenheads?r?
Neil DickinsonrMaidenheads?r?
Paul FisherrMaidenheads123, Dr?
Remi FondeuxrMaidenheads133, Dr112, F
Robert HillrMaidenheads?r?
James P HollandrMaidenheads207, Cr?
Paul S JanotarMaidenhead As164, Br?
Helen KirkbyrMaidenheads?r?
Ross KoumantarakisrMaidenheads?r?
Aurele LenoirrMaidenheads119, Er?
Bart LenoirrMaidenheads83, Dr?
Majid MashayekhrMaidenhead Bs163, Ar173, B
Jonathan MatthewsrMaidenheads?r?
Thomas McFaulrMaidenheads?r?
William MountrMaidenheads63, Er?
David R OatesrMaidenheads190, Cr?
David PedrazarMaidenheads?r?
Bill RobinsonrMaidenheads?r?
Eoin SharkeyrMaidenheads121, Er?
Anthony ShellrMaidenheads?r?
Jeff SmithrMaidenheads127, Dr?
Nigel D SmithrMaidenhead Bs157, Cr?
W Peter TicknerrMaidenheads140, Br?
Richard S ToddrMaidenhead Bs148, Cr?
Miguel TomerMaidenhead As134, Dr?
Keith TrowerrMaidenheads109, Cr?
Adryan UrsurMaidenheads?r?
Liam D VarnamrMaidenheads201, Ar200, D
James MF WadsworthrMaidenheads128, Dr120, C
John D WagerrMaidenhead As194, Ar191, F
Robin IR WildingrMaidenheads130, Er?
Andrew W WinchcomberMaidenheads169, Er?
Neil G WinchcomberMaidenheads93, Cr?