Adult Reading League players

The following 39 BCA players for Reading are ECF defined adults and have played in the current or past seasons:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Gradings
Christopher J Archer-LockrReadings180, Cr180, C
Victor J BallardrReadings92, Ar?
Roy A BrownrReadings122, Ar?
Tom BrownrReadings192, Cr?
Pavlos ChrysidisrReading Bs165, Dr144, D
Brian ClevesrReadings120, Er?
William F ColesrReading As167, Dr?
David A CrayfordrReadings?r?
David V DeanerReading Cs154, Br?
Paul DollimorerReadinges80r?
Ilan G DwekrReading Cs143, Br?
Robert G EndresrReadings85, Dr?
Matthew P GeorgerReadings180, Dr175, D
Stanislaw GibzinskirReadings100, Dr?
Robert HenleyrReadings131, Er?
Joshua HollandrReadings114, Er?
Stein IngolfsrudrReading Cs145, Dr?
Nikolaos KallitsisrReading As188, Cr?
Timothy Charles KenyonrReadings74, Fr?
Stuart W KnoxrReading Cs169, Ar?
Witold KoreyworReadings118, Ar?
Maurice E LawsonrReading As175, Ar167, C
David C MaddockrReadings116, Cr?
Mark McLeodrReadings98, Cr98, A
Alastair Mitchell-BakerrReading Bs178, Dr?
Mihad MohamedrReadings98, Er?
Paul MoodyrReadings45, Er?
Michael JR PagerReadings127, Cr?
Geoff C RasellrReadings147, Cr?
Michael F RedmondrReading Cs145, Ar?
R John RoperrReading Bs179, Cr?
Zachary SalvinirReading Bs155, Cr?
Ivan SayerrReadings78, Br75, F
FM Clement SreevesrReading As230, Cr211, D
James N StaytrReading As168, Br?
Remi GJ TailleuxrReadinges175r?
Shawn P TavaresrReading As208, Cr?
Gabriel WolfrReading Bs151, Dr?
Adam C WoodruffrReading Bs156, Cr?