Junior Sandhurst League players

The following 26 BCA players for Sandhurst are ECF defined juniors and have played in the current or past seasons:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Gradings
Omeet J Atarar, aged: 14Sandhursts151, Ar158, A
Vikram K Banergeer, aged: 13Sandhursts74, Ar78, D
Isaac Bartlettr, aged: 9Sandhursts84, Er66, E
Eric Bulatr, aged: 9Sandhursts50, Dr57, E
Marco Bulatr, aged: 12Sandhursts58, Er?
James Clarker, aged: 15Sandhursts114, Cr86, E
Laura J Davidsonr, aged: 14Sandhursts151, Ar138, C
Alex Goldingr, aged: 13Sandhursts213, Ar202, B
James Goldingr, aged: 15Sandhursts186, Ar186, B
William Goldingr, aged: 12Sandhursts135, Ar130, B
Felipe Goodmanr, aged: 12Sandhursts56, Dr?
Nikhil Kadambadir, aged: 14Sandhursts163, Ar156, C
Eesha Kaurr, aged: 10Sandhursts42, Dr55, C
Sam Lawrencer, aged: 13Sandhursts88, Er93, E
Guy Millerr, aged: 9Sandhursts88, Fr46, E
Catherine Phamr, aged: 10Sandhursts87, Ar87, A
Clemence Phamr, aged: 8Sandhursts66, Ar92, A
Nehan Radiar, aged: 14Sandhursts112, Cr?
Muhammad Humzah Saadr, aged: 8Sandhursts75, Dr80, D
Zafar Ullah Saadr, aged: 6Sandhursts?r45, D
Raiden Sampsonr, aged: 12Sandhursts20, Dr?
Kshitij Saxenar, aged: 11Sandhursts96, Ar106, B
Boris Stoyanovr, aged: 9Sandhursts111, Ar124, A
Viktor Stoyanovr, aged: 14Sandhursts190, Ar189, A
Oliver Thornleyr, aged: 14Sandhursts130, Ar122, C
Andrew C Wilsonr, aged: 12Sandhursts103, Ar118, C