Junior League players

The following 31 BCA players are ECF defined juniors and have played in the current or past seasons:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Gradings
Jeff Abrahamr, aged: 14Readings111, Cr120, B
Philip A Archer-Lockr, aged: 17Maidenheads145, Cr?
James Ashworthr, aged: 16Sandhurstes60r?
Baven Balendranr, aged: 17Eton College As153, Cr146, D
Anthony Beaumontr, aged: 17Eton Colleges96, Dr?
Nathasha O Bogodar, aged: 16Camberleys?r?
Kumar Dixitr, aged: 16Camberleys173, Xr175, B
Jake F Dunner, aged: 16Sandhursts?r?
Benjamin Ellisr, aged: 17Eton Colleges113, Er?
William J Foor, aged: 15Reading Ds206, Ar205, C
Keegan Gallacherr, aged: 17Camberleyes10r?
Jayden N Goughr, aged: 16Camberleys?r?
Louise Headr, aged: 15Crowthornes167, Ar153, B
Cesar Manivetr, aged: 17Eton Collegees50r?
Jonathan Matthewsr, aged: 15Maidenheads?r?
Daniel Noelr, aged: 17Reading Cs176, Cr176, D
Sam Normanr, aged: 17Eton Collegees110er41
Peter Oppenshawr, aged: 17Wellington Colleges93, Er?
Thomas Padfieldr, aged: 16Sandhursts?r?
Louis Payner, aged: 17Basingstokes?r?
Harry Punterr, aged: 16Sandhursts102, Dr?
Ramsay Pyperr, aged: 17Eton College As142, Br148, D
Henry Russellr, aged: 13Sandhursts?r?
Satya Vaidyar, aged: 13Sandhurstes50r?
Smit Vaidyar, aged: 14Sandhurstes60r?
Matthew J Wadsworthr, aged: 13Maidenheads206, Xr177, C
Peter A jnr Williamsr, aged: 17Sandhurst As217, Cr?
Adam Willsr, aged: 13Sandhurstes60r?
Felix Jose Ynojosa-Aponter, aged: 17Wellington College As?r?
Kazuki Yokotar, aged: 17Maidenheades40r?
Roy Y Zhangr, aged: 16Crowthorne Bs202, Cr187, D