Junior League players

The following 83 BCA players are ECF defined juniors and have played in the current or past seasons:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Gradings
Gaurav Agarwalr, aged: 17Eton Colleges?r94, E
Helen Archer-Lockr, aged: 12Maidenheads106, Ar119, A
Coen Armstrongr, aged: 14Eton Colleges105, Er83, E
Omeet J Atarar, aged: 11Sandhursts143, Ar144, B
Will jnr Atiomor, aged: 13Eton Colleges106, Cr?
Jake Bains-Gillespier, aged: 10Maidenheads123, Ar135, A
Caleb Bakhtiarr, aged: 16Eton Colleges?r?
Archie Barnesr, aged: 16Eton Colleges?r?
Jonathan Barnesr, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r?
James Beckinsaler, aged: 11Maidenheads107, Ar112, A
R Dhruva Bhagwatr, aged: 8Crowthornes123, Ar134, A
J Henry Blackhamr, aged: 9Crowthornes81, Fr?
Jamie Bowdenr, aged: 13Eton Collegees50er50
William Byunr, aged: 14Eton Colleges81, Er68, F
Sachin Chandrar, aged: 17Eton Colleges?er65
Thomas Chiversr, aged: 16Eton Colleges?er60
James Clarker, aged: 12Sandhurstes90r87, F
Jamie Collingsr, aged: 16Eton Colleges?r10, F
Bernard Cooker, aged: 17Basingstokes160, Br142, D
Tom Daler, aged: 13Eton Collegees50er50
Laura J Davidsonr, aged: 11Sandhursts123, Ar115, D
Harran Deur, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r?
David Diaconur, aged: 13Eton Colleges?r?
Kumar Dixitr, aged: 17Camberley As186, Br169, C
Russell Fletcher-Bottr, aged: 14Newburys?r122, F
George Gentr, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r?
Felipe Goodmanr, aged: 9Sandhursts67, Er66, B
Xavier Gordon-Brownr, aged: 14Eton Colleges105, Dr?
Alexander Gouwsr, aged: 14Eton Colleges77, Fr?
Louise Headr, aged: 16Crowthorne Bs188, Br147, D
Charlotte Hemmingsr, aged: 15Crowthornes60, Er?
Nikolai Hinterreitherr, aged: 12Maidenheads153, Ar148, D
Humphrey Huir, aged: 14Eton College As112, Dr?
Joshua J Humbler, aged: 12Readings73, Er110, F
Nikhil Kadambadir, aged: 11Sandhursts120, Ar120, A
Mannan Karwar, aged: 10Newburys?r?
Eesha Kaurr, aged: 7Sandhurstes50r11, D
Joe Kenelmr, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r?
Timothy Charles Kenyonr, aged: 17Readings?r?
Harvey Klyner, aged: 17Eton Colleges?r?
Sachin Kucheriar, aged: 16Eton Colleges?r?
Rory Lawr, aged: 14Eton Colleges43, Fr71, D
Harry Legger, aged: 8Crowthornes?r32, F
Arti Lenoirr, aged: 8Maidenheads88, Dr66, D
Laurence Lir, aged: 14Eton Colleges?r?
Saatvika Maheshr, aged: 10Crowthornes69, Dr80, B
Jonathan Matthewsr, aged: 16Maidenheads?r?
Jamie McNeillr, aged: 15Eton Colleges68, Er99, E
James C Moodyr, aged: 14Readings119, Ar116, A
Charlie Pyer, aged: 16Crowthornes97, Dr?
Otto Pyperr, aged: 15Eton College As144, Br145, D
Shourya Raj Sharmar, aged: 14Camberleys?r?
Nathan Rastogir, aged: 15Eton Colleges67, Er78, F
Isabella Roperr, aged: 14Sandhursts104, Er109, D
Sasha Sashar, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r?
Harold Sereror, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r?
Joseph Simmondsr, aged: 13Camberleys?r101, D
Japbir Singhr, aged: 11Sandhursts54, Er65, D
Marcus Smithr, aged: 16Crowthornes?r?
Richard Somovidisr, aged: 10Sandhursts?r?
Isaac H Stablesr, aged: 15Eton College As135, Dr136, D
Tobias WG Stablesr, aged: 17Eton College As110, Dr112, E
Edward TW Stevensonr, aged: 13Eton Colleges116, Dr?
Viktor Stoyanovr, aged: 11Sandhursts?r?
Connor Sturger, aged: 16Camberleys114, Dr95, D
Oliver Thornleyr, aged: 11Sandhursts97, Ar111, B
Jake Tippeyr, aged: 15Readings86, Fr57, D
Matthew J Tylerr, aged: 16Sandhurstes90er90
Luke Vallisr, aged: 12Maidenheads138, Ar140, B
Nicholas Vallisr, aged: 9Maidenheads128, Br111, B
Matthew J Wadsworthr, aged: 14Maidenheads218, Ar208, A
Gregory Weavingr, aged: 14Eton Colleges?r?
Alex Weir, aged: 14Eton Colleges54, Fr80, E
Charles Wingfield-Digbyr, aged: 16Eton Colleges?r?
Alfred CL Wongr, aged: 16Crowthornes148, Er?
Ryan CY Wongr, aged: 14Crowthornes159, Dr?
James Xur, aged: 13Eton College As162, Dr?
Joshua Jack Yatesr, aged: 8Crowthornes63, Er69, D
Jack Your, aged: 15Eton Colleges?r63, F
Anthony Y Zhangr, aged: 12Crowthorne Bs196, Ar169, C
Harvey Y Zhangr, aged: 9Crowthornes146, Ar?
Roy Y Zhangr, aged: 17Crowthorne As204, Dr191, D
Richard Zhur, aged: 14Camberleys185, Ar185, C