Titled League players

The following 18 BCA players are titled and have played in the current or past seasons:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Title
RM Peter JE AckleyrBourne End AECF Regional Master en.png
FM Paul S CookseyrMaidenhead AFIDE Master en.png
FM Nicolas CroadrReadingFIDE Master en.png
FM Neil F DickensonrMaidenheadFIDE Master en.png
IM Andrew D MartinrSandhurstInternational Master en.png
GM Nick PertrSandhurst AInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Jovica Radovanovic rSandhurst AFIDE Master en.png
GCM Keith B RichardsonrCamberley BICCF GM en.png
IM Gediminas SarakauskasrSandhurstInternational Master en.png
FM Andrew Philip SmithrBourne End AFIDE Master en.png
RM Philip M StimpsonrSandhurstECF Regional Master en.png
WFM Thomine Stolberg-RohrrReadingWoman FIDE Master en.png
IM Shaun M TaulbutrCrowthorne AInternational Master en.png
ICM Trevor ThomasrReadingICCF Senior IM en.png
FM Ian D ThompsonrCrowthorneFIDE Master, ICCF Senior IM en.png
FM Richard M WebbrCrowthorne AFIDE Master en.png
GM Peter K WellsrSandhurstInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM Simon K WilliamsrSandhurstInternational Grandmaster en.png