Titled League players

The following 25 BCA players are titled and have played in the current or past seasons:

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Title
RM Peter JE AckleyrBourne EndECF Regional Master en.png
IM James R AdairrReadingInternational Master en.png
James ColemanrSandhurstFIDE Candidate Master en.png
FM Paul S CookseyrMaidenhead BFIDE Master en.png
FM Nicolas CroadrReadingFIDE Master nz.png
FM Neil F DickensonrMaidenheadFIDE Master en.png
GM Gawain CB JonesrSandhurstInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM Bogdan LalicrSandhurstInternational Grandmaster cr.png
CM Rajat MakkarrReading CCandidate Master fr.png
GM Nick PertrCrowthorne AInternational Grandmaster en.png
FM Jovica Radovanovic rSandhurstFIDE Master sr.png
IM Thomas E RendlerSandhurstInternational Master en.png
IM Peter T RobersonrReadingInternational Master en.png
IM Gediminas SarakauskasrSandhurstInternational Master lt.png
FM Andrew Philip SmithrBourne End AFIDE Master ir.png
FM Clement SreevesrReading AFIDE Master en.png
RM Philip M StimpsonrSandhurstECF Regional Master en.png
WFM Thomine Stolberg-RohrrReadingWoman FIDE Master de.png
IM Shaun M TaulbutrCrowthorneInternational Master en.png
ICM Trevor ThomasrReadingICCF Senior IM en.png
FM Ian D ThompsonrCrowthorneFIDE Master, ICCF Senior IM en.png
IM Gavin WallrSandhurstInternational Master ir.png
FM Richard M WebbrCrowthorne AFIDE Master en.png
GM Peter K WellsrSandhurstInternational Grandmaster en.png
GM Simon K WilliamsrSandhurstInternational Grandmaster en.png