Player information: Martin J Wallman (2014 - 2015 season)

Listed below are details for Martin J Wallman who has played in eight matches during the 2014 - 2015 season:

Personal information
Club Camberley
  •  Martin J Wallman  Martin J Wallman
    Martin J Wallman, Camberley
Nominated Team B
ECF grading code 233512J
ECF membership code ME009924
ECF membership expires Si-mon-
ECF membership category
Standard-play grading 152, B (22)
Rapid-play grading Not yet available
Status Adult
National Federation en.png
FIDE rating code 424820
BCA first registered 01-09-2006
BCA registration status Yes
All season(s) summary
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2014 - 2015 season performance statistics
Date Match Division / Competition TC Category Opponent Board Result
30-09-2014 Camberley B vs Camberley A division One standard-play Roger FT Abayasekera s185B four loss
09-10-2014 Reading A vs Camberley B division One standard-play Maurice E Lawson s181A two loss
02-12-2014 Camberley A vs Basingstoke A division One standard-play Frank A Bonsey s129B six win
19-01-2015 Maidenhead A vs Camberley A division One standard-play Nikolai Hinterreither s153A five draw
20-01-2015 Camberley B vs Bourne End A division One standard-play Mark Valentine s172D five loss
28-01-2015 Crowthorne B vs Camberley B division One standard-play David Brock s165B three loss
01-04-2015 Basingstoke A vs Camberley B division One standard-play Bernard Cooke s160B three draw
06-05-2015 Crowthorne A vs Camberley B division One standard-play Derek R Johnson s175C two loss
Performance summary for 2014 - 2015 season
Number of standard-play games: 8
Standard-play performance:  +1  =2  -5  = 25%  (with all games completed)
BCA Standard-play grading performance:  = 140