Player information: Alexander Galliano (2009 - 2010 season)

Listed below are details for Alexander Galliano who has yet to play in a match during the 2018 - 19 season:

Personal information
Club Wellington College
  •  Alexander Galliano  Alexander Galliano
    Alexander Galliano, Wellington College
Nominated Team A
ECF grading code 257460D
ECF membership code
Standard-play grading 219, C (19)
Rapid-play grading Not yet available
Status Junior, aged: ?
National Federation en.png
FIDE rating code 403695
BCA first registered 17-09-2009
BCA registration status Yes
2011-12 season 8 matches
2010-11 season 8 matches
2009-10 season 8 matches
2008-9 season 2 matches
2007-8 season 6 matches
2009 - 2010 season performance statistics
Date Match Division / Competition TC Category Opponent Board Result
16-09-2009 Wellington College A vs Crowthorne A division One standard-play Colin Purdon s195A two loss
25-11-2009 Wellington College A vs Reading A division One standard-play Stephen Cairns s187A two loss
03-12-2009 Reading B vs Wellington College A division One standard-play Adam C Woodruff s166C three win
09-12-2009 Wellington College A vs Camberley B division One standard-play Martin J Wallman s158B one win
20-01-2010 Wellington College A vs Sandhurst B division One standard-play RM Peter JE Ackley s186X two win
26-01-2010 Camberley A vs Wellington College A division One standard-play Ian W Sharpe s189A two loss
10-02-2010 Bourne End A vs Wellington College A division One standard-play Stephen B James s183A two win
18-03-2010 Newbury A vs Wellington College A division One standard-play Mike W Marlow s159X two win
Performance summary for 2009 - 2010 season
Number of standard-play games: 8
Standard-play performance:  +5  =0  -3  = 62.5%  (with all games completed)
BCA Standard-play grading performance:  = 197.1