Player information: Hussien Mohamed (2023 - 2024 season)

Listed below are details for Hussien Mohamed who has played in ten matches during the 2023 - 2024 season:

Personal information
Club Reading
ECF rating code 360254A
ECF membership code
Standard-play rating Not yet available
Rapid-play rating Not yet available
National Federation eg.png
FIDE rating code 10616640
BCA first registered 15-10-2023
BCA registration status Yes
All season(s) summary
season match(es)
2023-24 season 10 matches
2023 - 2024 season performance statistics
Date Match Division Type SP/RP Opponent Board Result
19-10-2023 Reading D vs University B Division Three OTB SP Hayden Holden s1434K one win
09-11-2023 Reading B vs Crowthorne B Division Two OTB SP Ken Coates s1966K two win
21-11-2023 Henley A vs Reading B Division Two OTB SP David J Lewis s1917P one draw
23-11-2023 Reading E vs Reading D Division Three OTB SP John Richardson s1763K one draw
04-01-2024 Reading A vs Maidenhead A Division One OTB SP Ishan Wiratunga s?? four draw
08-01-2024 Maidenhead B vs Reading C Division Two OTB SP Steve Piercey s1906K one win
18-01-2024 Reading B vs University A Division Two OTB SP Maxim Dunn s2010A two loss
25-01-2024 Reading PPCA vs University PPCA Premier Precision Cup OTB SP James Connors s1712K four draw
08-02-2024 Bracknell A vs Reading B Division Two OTB SP Jon D Lloyd s1829K two win
15-02-2024 Reading A vs Camberley A Division One OTB SP Martin J Wallman s1763K five win
Performance summary for 2023 - 2024 season
Number of standard-play games: 10
Standard-play performance:  +5  =4  -1  = 70%  (with all games completed)