Player information: David Hemmings (2016 - 2017 season)

Listed below are details for David Hemmings who has played in eight matches during the 2016 - 2017 season:

Personal information
Club Camberley
  •  David Hemmings  David Hemmings
    David Hemmings, Camberley
ECF grading code 281273D
ECF membership code ME003959
ECF membership expires SI-mon-
ECF membership category
Standard-play grading 111, A (31)
Rapid-play grading 109, D (10)
National Federation en.png
FIDE rating code 421456
BCA first registered 09-10-2009
BCA registration status Yes
All season(s) summary
season match(es)
2018-19 season 3 matches
2017-18 season 8 matches
2016-17 season 8 matches
2015-16 season 9 matches
2014-15 season 12 matches
2013-14 season 10 matches
2012-13 season 18 matches
2011-12 season 4 matches
2010-11 season 7 matches
2009-10 season 4 matches
2016 - 2017 season performance statistics
Date Match Division / Competition TC Category Opponent Board Result
29-09-2016 Eton College B vs Camberley C division Three standard-play Luke Eadie s132D four draw
18-10-2016 Camberley C vs Newbury B division Three standard-play John Wunderle es137D four draw
07-11-2016 Bracknell A vs Camberley C division Three standard-play David Lilwall s78C five win
22-11-2016 Henley A vs Camberley B division Two standard-play Graham Sexton s110E six loss
28-11-2016 Maidenhead C vs Camberley C division Three standard-play Nicholas Vallis s123B four draw
10-01-2017 Camberley C vs Reading C division Three standard-play Ivan Sayer s88B five draw
09-02-2017 Newbury B vs Camberley C division Three standard-play Jim Delderfield s132B four loss
16-05-2017 Camberley C vs Bracknell A division Three standard-play Geoffrey Foxon s98C four loss
Performance summary for 2016 - 2017 season
Number of standard-play games: 8
Standard-play performance:  +1  =4  -3  = 37.5%  (with all games completed)
BCA Standard-play grading performance:  = 99.8