Active Maidenhead League players

The following BCA players for Maidenhead have played in at least one match during the 2017 - 18 season:

37.5 in fees are due to the ECF for Maidenhead non-ECF members playing graded games

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Games during season
Charles ES BullockrMaidenhead A4665116108966
William CastanedarMaidenhead A49
John Cobboldr Maidenhead1512.57253484868
Paul S CookseyrMaidenhead B4107646616634
Diego Cuvar Maidenhead2
Nigel W DennisrMaidenhead A59810777871085
Paul FisherrMaidenhead224685758748
Remi FondeuxrMaidenhead914
Paul S JanotarMaidenhead A410791189911988
Gurveen KapoorrMaidenhead B26
Bart Lenoirr Maidenhead137.512
Majid MashayekhrMaidenhead B6810447610645
Eoin SharkeyrMaidenhead12121545462
Nigel D SmithrMaidenhead B591214135951175
Peter W TicknerrMaidenhead569975943363
Keith TrowerrMaidenhead265466673444
Nicholas VallisrMaidenhead24431
Matthew J WadsworthrMaidenhead2322111
John D WagerrMaidenhead A5876109891098
Maxim WenningerrMaidenhead31
Robin IR WildingrMaidenhead4347
Neil G Winchcomber Maidenhead3717.5981