Active Eton College League players

The following BCA players for Eton College have played in at least one match during the 2017 - 18 season:

162.5 in fees are due to the ECF for Eton College non-ECF members playing graded games

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Games during season
Cees Armstrongr Eton College1
Guy Berryr Eton College3
Roland Bourner Eton College7
Thomas Brocklebankr Eton College1
Gustav Conradier Eton College437.52
Thomas Daler Eton College132
Maxwell Delorenzor Eton College5
Hussein Diabr Eton College3
Luke Eadier Eton College81127.5
Jack Finnisr Eton College1
Xavier Gordon-Brownr Eton College2717.5778
Hariz Hadzhalier Eton College3
Zaki Harrisr Eton College1
Patrick Huhr Eton College2
Humphrey Huir Eton College310257911
Elliot Klyner Eton College3820
Rory Lawr Eton College137.5294
Tyrus Marchantr Eton College1
Justin Mostonr Eton College A7717.591110867576
Hasit Nandar Eton College7
Charlie NicholsonrEton College15
Chinazo Okwuegbunar Eton College1
Edward Parkr Eton College2
Leo Perceval-Hicksr Eton College1
Pablo Pigorinir Eton College1
Kit Ropnerr Eton College1
Edward Stevensonr Eton College A782096
Arthur-James J Tollitr Eton College1
James Xur Eton College A782089