Active Camberley League players

The following BCA players for Camberley have played in at least one match during the 2018 - 19 season:

25 in fees are due to the ECF for Camberley non-ECF members playing graded games

PlayerClub and (nominated) team (if any)Games during season
Alfredo BarquinrCamberley3
Gordon G BirchrCamberley27116139139971049
Neil A BridgerCamberley A15966109111114
Christine CoatesrCrowthorne3666141076486813
Timothy DavisrCamberley A668968842
Steve HarleyrCamberley158499137911869
David HemmingsrCamberley3889121018474
Ivor H KellyrCamberley4593657392618
Colin J LynerCamberley38857146998866
Andrew D MartinrCamberley1114543361094
Sandy A McCubbinr Camberley1717.573557361416
Ben OgunsholarCamberley24
Ian W SharperCamberley A34687889951076
Julien M ShepleyrCamberley A4555108612101311128
Hamish SloanrCamberley3101012151313121112913
Paul SloanerCamberley A2368956865735
David Thomasr Camberley112.51338855252310
John E UphamrCamberley14213638
Martin J WallmanrCamberley4485891896131398
Matthew J Wardr Camberley A2534111510
Robert WoodingrCamberley461210745779955